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This song almost perfectly describes Vannevar Bush’s idea of the “Memex”, with that being said, who is Vannevar Bush?

 During World War II, a man named Vannevar Bush (1890–1974) Vannevar Bush found a way to create a relationship between the United   States federal government (U.S. military), the American scientific community, and business’s in America.  After the war  Vannevar Bush was appointed as the chairman of the National Defense Research Committee in 1940 by Franklin D. Roosevelt.  As a result, organizations like the National Science Foundation and Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), were created. It was at ARPA that the Internet was first created.   He also wrote a paper published July 1945 in the Atlantic Monthly called “As We May Think.”  In this paper he described a storage and retrieval device capable of computing information that could be shared by multiple users, called a “memex,” which would use a system  similar to what is now called hypertext.  In the Article  “As We May Think” Vannevar Bush described a machine that could do exactly what modern computers are capable of doing today.  If not for Vannevar Bush’s initiative and genius, we would not have fax machine’s, laptop’s, internet, wi-fi, i-pod’s, digital camera’s…..ect.  The list could continue on an on, all that I must say is thank you Vannevar Bush, your a scholar and a gentleman. “TECHNOLOGIC”

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 “As We May Think” by Vannevar Bush (1945 Atlantic Press)

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  1. lockmantuj says:

    I saw the Daft Punk video when you posted on Google +. That is a captivating video and song.

    I didn’t see the connection between the song and As We May Think at first. But in reading your blog post and mentioning how all the communication and imaging technologies you mention, I do begin to get. Good points.

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