DS-106 Horror

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DS106- "Horror"


Here it is, my first DS-106 assignment!

DS 106: assignment link


I chose to do my first assignment on Horror 106.  The idea was to create a picture making the word DS 106 appear scary to its viewers.


In this particular assignment I wanted to create something that most people could relate to as being scary.  I’ve never done anything like this before, so, It was a bit difficult for me to figure out how to set this up.  The only design program that I have on my computer at home is Microsoft paint, so I had little to work with.  The Joker and the skull pictures both came from internet designs that I found.  I copied the pictures and saved them to my desktop.  I then transferred the pictures into Microsoft paint and began to transform the pictures into what I thought was scary.  The first step I took was to set up the background color for both pictures.  The Joker was easy to do because the background was already black, however, the skull picture took me almost two hours to complete because of the intricate design that I’ve created.  The way I did this was to use the pencil and paint bucket tool to make almost a spider web design in the background of the skull.  This was not easy, and very time-consuming.  The lettering on the skulls head was made using the programmed lettering in Microsoft paint, and the lettering on the joker picture was done using the paint brush tool.  In the end I was very satisfied with the outcome of this project.


The reason that I’ve chosen this project is because I grew up watching horror movies and have always been interested in them.  I thought it would be fun to try to create a horror film poster of my own, so I chose this assignment.  I am now a master of the program Microsoft paint and available for lessons (by appointment only)…….enjoy

DS106 "Horror"

  1. lockmantuj says:

    I like your interpretation and execution of the ds106 Horror assignment. I’m wondering how you did the LayZLay in red – was it a font you found or did you draw it yourself?

    A couple of technical points. You should include a link back to the original assignment with your post. Also, it would be helpful to link back to the sources where the images you used came from.

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