Larry Roberts Pokemon

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DS-106 Pokemon

DS-106 Pokemon:


The assignment was to create a pokemon card using one of the internet pioneers as a theme base.


This process was fairly simple and almost “dummy” proof.  I found a picture of Larry Roberts on google images (Larry Roberts), saved the image to my desktop of the computer that I was using, then used the online program my poke card to upload the image and create the card.  All that needed to be done was to add information to the provided fields on the internet site, such as the pokemon’s strength’s and weakness’s, and then click upload. BOOM…now you have your very own pokemon card.  After that, you save the completed image to your desktop and upload the image into your wordpress acount.  The process takes about ten minutes to complete ( including uploading it into wordpress).


I chose to create a pokemon card of Larry Roberts because he was responsible for directing the team who created the ARPNET.  I feel that Larry Roberts was very influential and set the standard for the internet that we know today.

DS 106: assignment link


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