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Original Assignment Link

THE ASSIGNMENT: The assignment was to create a warning label for things that exist only in movies or your imagination.

THE PROCESS:  The first step was to find a generic fire exit sign from the internet, and download it to my computer.  I then modified the image in a program called Gimp.  I cropped the top part of the sign and deleted it, then, used the lettering tool to create my own personal warning sign.  To make it look more official, I found a picture of a brick wall online,  saved it, and created the brick wall as a background layer in Gimp.

Here are the original pictures:

Picture links: Brick Wall, Fire Exit

THE STORY:  I know the original assignment was to create a warning sign for something that happens either in movies or in your own imagination, but I chose to design a warning sign for something that may happen in “real life.”  I believe that social networking is becoming a major issue in the world, and created this warning sign to raise awareness to this “social problem.”  Imagine that you’re in a burning building and have 10 minutes to evacuate before the building collapses, (maybe not you personally) but I can guarantee that someone would want to log on Facebook or Twitter and share this tragic event before thinking about their own personal safety.  This is a PROBLEM people, always be tweeting, but don’t endanger yourself in the process.

  1. lockmantuj says:

    Hi Alex,

    For some reason all I see is white space where your image should be (I do see the two original images below. When I click the white space, your image appears. I don’t know why this is and don’t know if others have the same experience. You might want to check it.

    Having said that, I got a kick out of the image for the fire exit. It looks like the dude is carrying a can of petrol. Also I like the bit about getting out before updating twitter. Brilliant!

  2. lockmantuj says:

    Don’t know what you did, but it shows up now. Thanks.

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