DS106- Album Cover Remix

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Original Assignment Link

THE ASSIGNMENT:  The assignment was to f ind an iconic album cover and remix it to represent a something different.  It could be a play on the title, image, genre, etc.

THE PROCESS:  I went online to find cartoon characters to match the description of what I was going to drawl.  Once I found the perfect one, I began to sketch the idea for this iconic album cover.  When “slim” and “shady” were finished I then began to drawl the name tag, in order to tie the cartoons together.  I then took a picture of my drawling and uploaded it to my WordPress blog.  Not very hard to do, but very time-consuming.

THE STORY:  As soon as I read about this DS106 assignment, only one album cover came to mind, and that album was Eminem’s album the  Slim Shady LP.  I grew up listening to this CD and thought it would be fun to re-create this album in my own way.  I wanted to make it seem as if “Slim” and “Shady” were two people, coming together to form a music group.  I chose their characters to match their names as well. “Slim” is designed to be some slim guy, and “Shady” was designed to look like a shady guy, when I was finished I wanted to tie it all together with something Eminem’s real album.  I then found a picture of a name tag from Eminem’s first hit single “My name is,” and decided to make that the center of the Album cover.  I could have just went on the internet and put these images together in Photoshop, but I thought that it would take away from my own personal creativity that I wanted to add.  In the end, I was very satisfied with the outcome of this project.

Here is the original album cover, along with the original cartoons:

Picture Links: albumn – “slim” – “shady”

  1. arc432 says:

    Wow, this pretty good! I don’t think I could of done such a good job as I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. You have my seal of approval, (if that means anything)!

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