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03/19/2012 Cyberspace & Technology “sentence of the day”

My favorite sentence from the article “A personal Cyber-infrastructure” is as follows: “Any technology gradually creates a totally new human environment.”

I chose this sentence because (in my opinion)  it makes a very powerful statement in regards to technology’s role within society.  Take Apple’s i-phone for example, a mere twenty years ago, that particular piece of technology was nonexistent.   Now, people around the world are using these phones to connect to a global,  high speed internet connection;  not only do these cellphones provide internet access, but they are used as multimedia devices that are capable of accessing hundreds of thousands of internet applications.  A cellphone can now be used as a tool to learn new languages, automatically receive weather updates, find cooking recipes, GPS tracking, and much more (this list could go on-and-on).  The sentence chosen from this article,  caused me to take a few minutes to reflect upon the technological advances that have been made throughout the past couple of years.   It’s amazing to see the close (almost too personal) relationship that people have developed with technology.   In fact,  I often hear people say that they feel “naked” without a cellphone, only bringing me to realize, that the statement made in this article,  is in fact a true statement.  Technology will and already has created a totally new human environment. However (in my opinion), the benefit of the advances in technology will always outnumber the disadvantages.  After reading this article, I gained a better understanding of the “cyber-infrastructure,” that if incorporated within the higher education community, could result in some very beneficial educational advances.  I guess we’re going to have to wait and see what role technology will have on the future of education.

This is my finished product, hope you enjoyed it!!

  1. lockmantuj says:

    I did enjoy it. You picked up on one of the more important points in the article. I think Campbell wants to show us that the web technology has been implemented in higher education has denied the powerful transformative effects.

    I imagine that the second part of the essay might try to offer an alternative approach that does try to make us of and leverage the transformative effects.

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