Daily Create 1


Japan Disaster US MiIitary by layzlay24
Japan Disaster US MiIitary, a photo by layzlay24 on Flickr 
U.S. Marine Sgt @$%# Lay, 23, second left, of Philadelphia, Pa., leads U.S. soldiers as they unload hardware to install hot showers at a makeshift shelter for displaced residents from the massive tsunami, Saturday, March 26, 2011 in Higashi Matsushima, Japan. With 50,000 troops stationed across the country, the U.S. military has been quick to respond to the tsunami that devastated northeast Japan. (AP Photo/Wally Santana)

This daily create assignment, TDC-31 (2/8/2012) was to create a picture that represents the happiest or most memorable moment in your life. This was definitely the most memorable moment in my life, I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to provide assistance at that time.


Fuji Rock Fest by layzlay24
Fuji Rock Fest, a photo by layzlay24 on Flickr 

Daily Create- Upside down photo

Via Flickr:

This daily create assignment, TDC-29 (2/6/2012) was to take a picture and upside down that’s never been shown that way. This was a picture taken at the Fuji Rock Fest ”09, in Naeba, Japan. It’s a good picture right side up, but even better seeing it upside down. By the way, the Fuji Rock Fest is the greatest thing to happen to Japan since pre-heated canned coffee out of the vending machine…fyi

RINGTONE (please click here to listen)

So this is my first Daily Create assignment, TDC-28 (2/5/2012). The assignment was to make a 10 sec. ringtone using soundcloud, without saying a word. I had to go old school with this one, so I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and I didn’t use my voice (on purpose) fyi

  1. lockmantuj says:

    Thanks for getting these moved over to our newly set up Daily Create pages. Your photo from the earthquake / tsunami relief is quite powerful

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