Final Exam

Dear Intergalactic Board of Education,

I am writing in regards to the decision to that you will be making as to whether or not CIS0835 should be continued or terminated.  As a recent student of this particular class, I am strongly against this class’s termination.  I would like to first, explain the educational value of this class, and then share some of the valuable experiences that I’ve had while taking this class.

The class began by introducing social networking sites such as Twitter, Google Reader, WordPress, Sound Cloud, DS106, and many other internet tools; that without taking this class I would be oblivious to.  We learned how to properly use these internet “tools” through a series of trial and error, which in my opinion, provided a very valuable learning experience.  We then learned who was responsible for “giving birth” to the idea’s of today’s computers and the development of the internet from the beginning of its creation, until what it currently is today.  I feel strongly about learning the historical aspects of the internet, realizing how far it has come, and the  dependence that the world has on it today.

We also learned about the dangers of the internet, where we participated in discussions on malware and hackers; things that I vaguely understood before taking this class.  The future of education was our last topic, it described some ideas on the impact that technology has on education, and examples of how it can/should be improved.   There was challenging group activities involved in this class, where students had to come together in a team environment, and create presentations using the latest in presentation technology.  I believe that building teamwork skills is essential to the professional development of college students, and would like to see more of these activities conducted throughout the college curriculum.

The DS106 portion of this class, in my opinion,  incorporated everything that we learned about the internet and it’s tools, into fun and educational projects.  No other class that I have taken thus far has allowed me to express my creativity in such a rewarding and educational fashion.  I learned how to use my own personal WordPress site to publish and create a plethora of online masterpieces.  I learned how to navigate through many different programs such as Photoshop and Gimp, in order to create exciting digital artwork.  Then, I learned how to take my artwork and share it via You Tube, Flicker, Sound Cloud, and Twitter; in an attempt to enthusiastically show the world my accomplishments.

The amount of personal satisfaction and knowledge that I have received throughout this course is unprecedented, and it would be an absolute crime for you to take this learning experience away from future students.  Please,  carefully consider your decision before making it; hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the importance of this class, the future of CIS0835 lies in your hands.


CIS0835 Student

The Future is now!!!!

Monorail in Sydney

This photo via Flickr by Lennart Nacke using the  Creative Commons License

  1. lockmantuj says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful reflection on the course.

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