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This is my cooking show!



THE ASSIGNMENT:  Host a cooking show in your own kitchen, and show everyone how it’s done.

THE PROCESS:  I used a program called You Cam to record this video.  The picture quality is not very good, and you do not have the option of pausing and resuming while recording, it has to be one continuous video.  I do not own a video camera, so this was my only option.  I filmed myself cooking and then uploaded this video to You Tube, after this was successfully uploaded, I then embedded this short film to my WordPress page, and that was it!

THE STORY:  I needed to do a DS106 assignment on a new category, and the video assignment was the one I chose this time.  When I came across this assignment I instantly knew that this was going to be the one for me because I love to cook, and more importantly I love to eat.  I knew that it would be difficult for me to record this: #1) because I don’t have a “real” camera, and #2) I needed to chose something quick and simple to make because I didn’t have the option of pausing while filming.   If I tried to give a cooking tutorial on chicken parmigiana, it would end up being an hour long video, and nobody has time to watch that (not even my devoted professor) .  I thought that it would only be necessary for me to prepare a Japanese dish, so I chose sashimi because it is very simple to prepare, also one of my favorite things to eat.  In the end, I’m fully satisfied with the outcome of this project, it was fun and I would recommend this assignment to anyone taking this class.